11 Amazing Jungle and Animal Baby Shower Cakes

Are you looking for inspiration for a baby shower cake? We rounded up our 12 favorite jungle and animal baby shower cakes. Since Pinterest is a great source of finding unique ideas we jumped right in and started finding our favorite pins. We chose animal baby shower cakes because those types of cakes can really showcase a designer’s talents.

Here they are:


I love this cake for a few reasons. First, the details of the water, trees, and leaves look amazing. This cake also features some cute and funny animals. All around great job.


This cake is superb! I love the texture on the tree trunk and the moss surrounding it. Although some of the animals can be fixed, it’s still nicely done.


This version of the tree is really cool. I totally love the stripped bark look. I bet this tastes yummy!



Although this baby shower cake is not as intricate as the rest, the leaves really sold this for me. Plus the animals are really cute!


This is a really cute woodlands cake. I think the mushrooms and acorns is a nice touch.


Who doesn’t love an elephant? I love the floppy ears on this cake.


This unique cake has a really unique twist on presenting the ocean. I really want to stick my finger in and take a bite of the deep blue sea.


What a cool terrarium cake! I especially love the birds nest on top.


Talk about a trendy baby shower cake. I love the sloping design and the colors are amazing. Although grey isn’t my favorite, the orange is striking.


I added cupcakes to the list since I love this design.


What a lovely and touching baby shower cake. I love how the giraffe drapes over the bottom tier.

Well there you have it! Those are our favorite 11 jungle and animal baby shower cakes.

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