Amazing Adventures Await

Except for the fortune cookie below, the majority of the the fortune cookies are pretty awesome.
Fortune Cookie Fail
So why wouldn’t you want to put your baby in these fortune cookie booties? Made in the USA, packed in a togo box, and available in multiple sizes these booties are perfect as a gift or for your own precious child.
The fortunes read:  “From small beginnings come great things,” and “An amazing adventure awaits you.”
Here’s some quotes from Amazon:
These were a big hit and super cute!
Adorable, soft and small, these come packaged in a “take out food” type box. The little printed fortunes add to the charm!
Just like the Watemelon Booties these will make any adorable child even cuter!
Where to buy
Fortune Cookie Booties

Fortunes Read: "From small beginnings come great things." & "An amazing adventure awaits you."

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