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Cookie Monster will be proud

Unique gum massaging features: Each flower or ridge has a different soothing effect.


  • The first and original trademark protected & patent pending sandwich cookie teething toy that has been widely duplicated and copied by many
  • Unique pattern & harder texture for an extra teething pain relief
  • Each flower and ridge has a different chewiness level
  • Made from the most expensive blend of high-end medical grade silicone used widely in labs and hospitals in Japan


  • Softer, chewier texture for an extra gentle teething relief
  • Floral pattern and bright, vivid colors stimulate sensory developement
  • Massages and soothes sensitive gum
  • Unique pastel pink cream ring

Exclusive luxury high-end materials
FDA approved and toxin free silicone (GE Toshiba standards). Proprietary baking techniques for multiple chewing textures on the same teether – No one else has this!

Artificial enhancer free & the occasional freshly baked silicone scent
Occasionally some rare newly made cookies may still retain a fresh silicone scent. This is completely safe and is a testament that we do not use toxic artificial enhancers. Just air the cookies out for a day or two and the scent will dissipate.

Top Customer Review:

My son started the teething phase at about 3 months, I was looking for something that could be chewed and not gagged on… also was looking for something different and functional. These are great teethers that serve all those purposes.
They are easy for my son to grasp and put in his mouth. I removed the string since he is littler and I didn’t want it to tangle around his hands
But these are a really cute and fun item for your baby to have!



Where to buy
BEBE Cookie Teethers & Gum Massagers, 1 Hard & 1 Soft

Unique gum massaging features: Each flower or ridge has a different soothing effect.

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