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Need a Giant Teddy Bear in your life?

While some toys are getting smaller, this teddy bear is growing. This Giant Teddy Bear stands at an impressive 8.5 feet tall and is awaiting the perfect hug. If you have been buying your kids Hatchimals or Paw Patrol toys, it’s time for a change. Although the teddy bear doesn’t “hatch” nor does it have impressive motherboards, it can brighten any kid’s day.

Three reasons why you need a Giant Teddy Bear in your life:

  1. Does your kid need to snuggle with someone or something at all times? This Giant Teddy Bear has a soft plush coat and is ready for a snuggle fest.
  2. Amazing Gift. This giant teddy bear is a great gift for a kid that will grow into a best friend in the future. Capture every moment from storytime to snuggles.
  3. Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is coming up and everyone loves a giant teddy bear. This is a great valentine’s day gift for kids and friends alike.

Here are some fun ideas:

  1. Tie a tie or bow around the Giant Teddy Bear.
  2. Dress the Giant Teddy Bear in interesting clothes for different holidays.
  3. Add your teddy bear to Instagram for some delightfully fun pics.

I hope you enjoy the Giant Teddy Bear.



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