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3 Reasons Why Aquabeads are So Popular

Aquabeads are one of the hottest toys of 2017

Why does everyone love aquabeads? Well, from the parents and kids we talked to, one thing was certain – kids love to customize everything. With an array of beads of different color, the possibilities are infinite. As you can see below, kids can recreate and make designs from their favorite movies such as Frozen, Finding Nemo, and Finding Dory.

When we tried aquabeads we fell in love. It’s super simple to use, and kids 6 year and older can spend hours designing the perfect jewelry piece. Although it does take 1-2 hours to dry that doesn’t stop kids from making new pieces in the meantime. Kids just grab more beads and go to town.

Since there’s not many options after the aquabeads are made, they make the perfect gift. We’ve heard of aquabead parties and gatherings to share and trade. How cool is that? Wouldn’t you want the Frozen characters made out of aquabeads? I know my little niece does!

Aquabead designs

Here’s some tips to keep your kids happy during the Aquabead process:

  1. You may want a spray bottle for water. Some common issues include having to constantly spray the beads.
  2. You may want to create 1 design at first and then while that one is in the tray, make another. Kids are impatient and this keeps their attention.
  3. Invite friends over during the creation process. Not only will this build social skills, but they can share tips and tricks.

aquabeads nemo

With so many different colors of beads,¬†you can really let your imagination go wild! We’ve tried plenty of creations (yes, I love to make aquabeads designs) and although it does take time to get used to, it was a joy to make. One recommendation is to be careful as they come out of the tray; some kids are too eager and may ruin the design by improperly handling the beads.

Ready for some fun? Show us what you made!


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