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Kids Getting Hangry?

Kid’s snacks can keep the monsters at bay! That’s why the Hangry Kit is here to stay! We’ve all been there; driving down the highway when all of a sudden the cravings begin. If this happens to you, you somewhat know how to control your behavior. If this happens to your kid it’s like a ticking time bomb went off. What if I told you some genius solved that problem? The Hangry Kit could be the lifesaver you need. Each box contains 40 different chips, cookies, and candies. As stated above, this doesn’t have to be just for the kids. If you have a serious case of the “hangries” you could crack open the Hangry Kit and nosh til’ your heart’s content.

For Serious Cravings


Hangry Kit

With 5 stars on Amazon and 452 reviews the Hangry Kit is an elegant solution to the world’s toughest problem – hunger. What if you get stranded? What if you get abducted by aliens? What if you just love Airheads? Hangry Kit. As you can see there are a TON of different reasons why the Hangry Kit can solve the world’s ills.

Just take Janet’s story:

“We were on the way to Grandma’s when little Timmy decided he had enough of his little sister, Tammy. Instead of just ignoring her, he starts biting her. It was at that moment we realized we needed a solution. Thank goodness we had our Hangry Kit.”

What an unbelievable story – and thank you for sharing.

As you can see, whether you need to keep little Timmy from going Santa Clara diet on Tammy or just need to control a salty craving, the Hangry Kit is there for you.

We’re always on the hunt for interesting products and ideas for kids and families. If you have created a product or know someone that has please have them contact us. We would love to feature amazing products for families.

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