2017 Buyer’s Guide for Ball Pits

2017 Buyer’s Guide for Ball Pits

Ball pits are awesome. Our son loves the ball pit we made for him. Our niece loves the ball pit we bought for her (discussed below). We even have friends that took an outdoor blowup pool, a ladder, and filled it with ball pit balls.

Not all ball pits are created equal. That’s why we wanted to write this article to share some thoughts.

But first – here’s Sheldon in a ball pit.

The Big Bang Theory Ball Pit

The #1 Best Seller on Amazon is the Click N’ Play Pay of 200 ball pit balls.

Click N’ Play Pay of 200 Ball Pit Balls

Ball pit balls


This is our go-to purchase whenever we need to expand our ball pit collection. We love the colors and the quality is perfect. When we bought the ball pit for our niece we also bought 400 ball pit balls.

Obviously, you also need to make sure the plastic is phthalate and BPA free, which this one obviously is.

Besides playing in the ball pit, these are great to throw around, and teaching your kids how to throw a ball. Plus, if they hit a sibling it doesn’t hurt too much.


100 Bounce House Pit Balls


Ball Pit ball


If the balls available aren’t on sale, this is the next best ball pit balls. They are practically the same price when they are on sale, but if the above isn’t on sale, the price is usually better.

The balls are also toxic free and have a 100% lifetime warranty.

Little Tikes Ball Pit Balls

Little Tikes Ball Pits


Sometimes it’s good to rely on brands you trust and Little Tikes has always been a trusted source. With 4.3 out 5 stars on Amazon, the Little Tikes pack is a quality purchase. However, some of the reviews have stated that the balls are a bit on the small side. So if you do buy this pack, you may want to buy a few packs, or add it to an existing collection.

Favorite Ball Pit

Here’s the ball pit we bought our niece. We visited them recently and all the kids loved it.

Ball pit


What’s great about this ball pit is that the tunnel is transparent. This way you can see the little bugger hiding from you. It also has a basketball hoop, which adds some extra fun (for you and them).

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